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Top 10 IKEA Items You Need in Your Life: Organization & Decorative Pieces That Will Make Your Life Easier

Top 10 IKEA Items You Need in Your Life

IKEA is known world-wide for its inexpensive yet trendy furniture and decorative pieces. If you have visited an IKEA store, you know just how many options they have to offer. Although it can be overwhelming to walk through a winding path of household items, IKEA brings in thousands of customers daily because of the wide variety of affordable and trendy decor. Today we are bringing you the top 10 IKEA items that you never knew you needed in your life. 


Organizational Items

Spending a fortune on organization is unnecessary and can be easily preventable with products from IKEA. Although there are hundreds of items to choose from, we are bringing you a few of the top organizational items that IKEA has to offer.

IKEA Navy Alex Drawers

Alex Drawers

The Alex Drawers have become one of IKEA’s best selling organizational items. With a clean and simple design, these drawers are extremely versatile for every type of style and are user-friendly for any age. Use them in many different ways including (but not limited to):

  • Office desk
  • Vanity storage
  • Bedside table


Ever hosted a get-together and not had enough seating for all of your guests? Storing extra seating inside your house can be difficult, but the FROSTA Stool is the perfect solution for that problem. These stools are stackable and an incredibly useful way to store extra seats inside your home. For only $14.99, you will be prepared to host a multitude of friends and family at your next event!

IKEA Algot Upright and Drying Rack

ALGOT Wall Upright/Drying Rack

We all know the laundry room can quickly become one of the most unorganized rooms in the entire house. From clothes hampers to loose socks, it can become exhausting just to walk in the door. IKEA’s ALGOT system does the work for you and helps keep your laundry room tidy. User friendly, this product can work for any household in any room. Not only does IKEA recommend  the laundry room, but they also recommend using it in:

  • The pantry
  • The bathroom
  • The garage
  • The closet 

BRANDUR / HYLLIS Shelving Unit

Has your garage become the “catch all” room of your house? If so, IKEA’s BRANDHUR / HYLLIS shelving unit can help you organize your lifeFortunately for you, they offer a wide selection of garage organization that will fit inside any and every size carport. The BRANDUR/HYLLIS shelving unit is the perfect way to get started on organizing your garage. With 8 hooks, this organizational tool can be used for small and large household items. 

IKEA IVAR Section Unit with Folding Table

IVAR Section Unit with Foldable Table

Organizing small spaces in a clean and simple way can become difficult. It’s no surprise that IKEA offers an organization unit that is ideal for small kitchens, closets, pantries, and more. This unit is perfect for those who live in apartments. With a foldable table, multiple shelves, and open space to hang household items, the IVAR is an easy and affordable way to organize different rooms inside your home. One of the most popular ways to use the IVAR unit is to make it a dining room table. Pull it out at dinner for 2-3 people, and fold it right back up afterwards! Everyone loves an easy to clean, user friendly, and simply designed tool. The IVAR is exactly that.


Decorative Pieces

Finding affordable and trendy home decor for every style can become almost impossible at many stores. However, with IKEA’s wide selection of both inexpensive and stylish home decor, everyone is sure to find something they love. Here are a few home decor items we think you will love!

IKEA Stockholm Mirror


Mirrors are one of the easiest ways to spice up your house. Not only do mirrors give a basic wall that flare it needs, but they can also be used to open up a room to make it feel larger. The STOCKHOLM mirror is circular in shape and has a small ledge that can be used to store compact items. Because of its simple design, this mirror can be used in a variety of different homes including:

  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Farmhouse 
  • Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • Industrial

IKEA Sinnerlig Pendant Lamp

SINNERLIG Pendant Lamp

There aren’t many versatile lighting fixtures that can work inside as well as outside. However, the SINNERLIG pendant lamp is one of the few that can! Made of bamboo lattice, it’s perfect for back porch decor, children’s bedroom lighting, and kitchen fixtures. Just like the STOCKHOLM mirror, this pendant lamp can work with almost any design style. 


Almost every home has a room that just doesn’t feel welcoming enough. We know the perfect solution for that: a rug. Not just any rug, but the VANTORE rug from IKEA. With a timeless and classy design, this cozy rug will be sure to give your room the extra love it needs. After adding this simple touch to your room, you will never want to leave!

Gradvis Plant

GRADVIS Plant Pot & FEJKA Artificial Plant

Plants are an easy and fun way to give your house character and charm. Not everyone has the time to tend to a houseplant, which is why IKEA offers a large variety of artificial plants for those who want to liven up their home environment without having to set aside time to have a green thumb. The GRADVIS plant pot is a simple pot that will fit in any room of your house for an extra bit of liveliness. Grab your favorite artificial plant from IKEA, and you’re good to go. 

IKEA Ribba Frame


For less than $20 a frame, you can have the gallery wall of your dreams. Gallery walls have become one of the most popular ways to feature photos and artwork in a home. From yearbook photos to beach vacation shoots, so many memories can be kept with a simple picture frame. The RIBBA frame from IKEA is simple and extremely affordable for anyone searching to make their dream gallery wall come to life. 


IKEA at Atlantic Station

Find all of these incredibly affordable organization tools, stylish decorative pieces, and more at the IKEA in Atlantic Station. You will not go home empty handed! Our IKEA is open 7 days a week from 10AM to 9PM. Find the address and phone number here. Plan your shopping trip ahead by checking out our shop directory!

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