Guide to Hosting a Summer Dinner Party: Tips and Tricks You Need to Know
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Guide to Hosting a Summer Dinner Party: Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Tips & Tricks for Hosting a Summer Dinner Party

Summer nights are the perfect time to host a dinner party. With beautiful weather and great food, your summer nights will become memories that will last forever. Wondering where to begin when it comes to planning the perfect dinner party? Atlantic Station is the place to go for all of your dinner party needs. We’re giving you the best tips and tricks to hosting the ultimate dinner party of the summer.


various types of guacamole and salsa with chipsDelicious Recipes

The first step to any dinner party is planning out the menu. When your guests arrive to find out that you are whipping up a mouthwatering meal, there will be no room for disappointment. Go the extra mile and impress your company with a recipe from one of our very own retailers here at Atlantic Station.


Did you know that Publix offers an online cookbook filled with over 2000 recipes inside? Publix Aprons is an amazing resource for your dinner party. From appetizers to desserts, Publix Aprons has you covered. This incredible online tool is perfect for any dinner party host who wants to wow their guests with an exquisite meal.

Summertime Eats

This recipe from Publix Aprons is the perfect go-to meal for summer dinner parties. With a total prep/cook time of less than 2 hours, you’ll be able to enjoy relaxing with friends and family while indulging in a classic summer dish. Begin your night with Creamy Pickle Dip and Caramel Puffs, followed by Smokehouse Burgers. Add a side of homemade macaroni and cheese or squash casserole for completion. End the night with cookies and your favorite beverage. This recipe and others will leave your guests astonished at the meal you prepared.



Summertime Decor

A summertime dinner party isn’t complete without the perfect decor. Whether your party is hosted on the back patio or inside your cozy living space, you can’t go wrong with beautiful decor to make for a relaxing atmosphere. At Atlantic Station, we have several retailers who have a wide variety of gorgeous decor for your dinner party.

Target summer party essentialsTarget

Ever walked into Target to get 3 things and left with 30? Yeah, us too. Target is the place to go for almost anything you could imagine, and especially home decor. From patio furniture to table runners, you are sure to find something you love at Target. This retailer offers a broad selection of affordable home decor for a host looking to give their dinner party an extra something special.  


Target’s affordable selection of outdoor and indoor furniture is perfect for any host. No matter the theme of your dinner party, you will find a large variety of options to choose from when you visit Target’s home collections. Looking for a patio set that will transition for multiple party themes throughout the summer? Target’s neutral outdoor collection is the perfect affordable way to give your patio a makeover.  

Party Supplies

One of the most exciting aspects of throwing a party is getting to decorate with party supplies. Whether you are throwing a themed dinner party or just want that extra pop of something special, Target’s wide selection of party supplies and decor has you covered.

Buffet with Beverage Dispenser and GlassesZ Gallerie

If you are a host who wants to give your dinner party a luxurious atmosphere, Z Gallerie is the perfect retailer for you. Z Gallerie offers a large selection of affordable yet high-end furniture and home decor. They offer many different styles of decor that will fit the taste of any host. Z Gallerie even offers a selection of all-weather patio furniture for all of those unexpected, stormy summer nights.



Reliable Dinnerware

Alongside furniture and decor, dinnerware is another aspect of a dinner party that the host should consider. Although you may not need to purchase an entire new dinner set, there are a few summer night necessities that you should consider when planning your dinner party.


Tervis is known for its incredibly sturdy and useful drinkware. They have partnered with other brands to create several different lines of cups and lids for every age. Whether you are going for a more colorful and bold feel, or a relaxed and calm neutral feel, Tervis has options for you. Tervis offers cups with lids, ice buckets, wine glasses, stainless steel cups, sippy cups, and more. Sitting on the patio in the summer heat can cause your drinks to melt, but with Tervis tumblers, you can rest assured that your drinks will stay cold and refreshing all night long.


Everyone loves a good deal on household items that will last you a long time. IKEA offers customers some of the most affordable dinnerware. Summer dinner parties can sometimes result in a plate or two being dropped. IKEA provides you with an extremely affordable, yet sturdy selection of plates, cups, and silverware for hosting a dinner party.


Shopping For Dinner Parties in Atlanta

Hosting a dinner party can be a lot of hard work, but with these tips and tricks, you should be ready to host the ultimate summer dinner party! The Atlantic Station offers a wide variety of retailers for you to choose from for your dinner party needs. Check out our store directory to begin planning your next shopping trip!

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